Is ‘plant-based’ the same as vegan?

When we say plant-based, it also means vegan

What’s the difference between Miami Foods & Miami Burger?

Miami Foods is the trading name for Miami Burger Limited

How is our food so healthy?

We’ve health hacked the meatless alternatives so that you can relax and enjoy them. We use grains, beans, and veggies instead of unhealthy and fatty animal flesh. We use only a dash of oil, and the oil we usually reach for is the king of kings: rapeseed. We found that palm oil was crazy high in saturated fat so avoid using it in any of our products.

What are our foods made of?

Our burger patties are made from European grown soya beans.  Our chick'n and rashers are made from rice and wheat, whilst our sausages and meatballs are made from yellow split peas. 

Is it possible to invest in Miami Foods?

We are privately owned, but are open to investment partners that share our long term vision and values.

Are our patties Halal & Kosher friendly?

We don’t have any fancy and expensive certificates to show off but we can promise you there are no animal products or derivatives in our food.

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